VP Sales Texas Region

Company Name:
Etairos Consulting
We are seeking a Vice President of Houston Regional EC to develop and lead further development the Information Technology consulting practice for the region. This EC focuses on expanding our current IT help desk, support and consulting practice. Experience with the oil and gas industry a plus.
The responsibilities are comprehensive: P&L, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Consulting management. A primary responsibility is to expand the line of business, and recruit the supporting team. This individual will evolve a team which will work with our customers to assist them to navigate the IT landscape, and achieve success as they move expand into high technology areas to improve their performance,, and get significant ROI. You will work with our customers to define a strategy to effectively penetrate into mobility, networking technologies and cloud computing. Establish a rapport with the customers to enable Etairos to offer expanded services to the customer base while simultaneously expanding Etairos.
The primary duties for the position include but are not limited to:
Displaying in-depth knowledge and understanding of Information Technology technical areas, including; security, cloud, networks, telephony, support. Understanding of the social media market to build the online influence
Demonstrates creativity and documented achievement of goals
Creatively and proactively build a community of advocates and influencers for the customer
Work with the customer to develop community strategies to promote their agenda across IT disciplines
Build campaign plan to support engagement
Work with the Etairos social media team to leverage the technology to gain customer engagements, and expand the EC support team
Provide ongoing communication on trends and opportunities
Ability to work with the customer to extend their social media programs to new channels such as Mobile, cloud, etc.
Provide best practice guidance in the areas of content and service development
Identify and analyze issues, patterns and trends in customer requests & Etairos performance
Stay up-to-date on new IT technologies and work to implement into Etairos offering for existing, and new customers, so that the company can continue to be an early adopter of these technologies.
Become an advocate for the customer in IT space and answering questions where appropriate.

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